AHEM, If you are reading this, you should be in bed.

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Gentle Reader,

Not that you are going to sleep much tonight.  I woke up three times the night before the first day of my Lifesavers exam with screaming nightmares.  At that point, I decided it was just easier to stay awake.  But try.  Try for Wordie, okay?

Tomorrow morning, you’re going to get to the exam site very early.  I know you.  You are going to have 47 pencils and 56 pens, in your allotted ziplock bag.  Check them all.  It will make you feel better.  Check to make sure that you have your drivers license and admission ticket.  Check for the 3,598th time that all info on both things matches.  It will make you feel better.  And then, I want you to take a moment (heck, you’ve got an hour to sit there and stress…).  While you’re scared, while you are wondering what is going to be written on those pages, I want you to remember what got you here.

Remember your first year of Lifesavers school.  Remember that night before your first classes.  When you had the largest pile of books you had ever seen. (Unless you were a history major, and in which case, the pile looked kinda tiny.)  When you read the first reading assignments, and had to stop and look up every third word because CLEARLY THESE BOOKS WERE NOT WRITTEN IN ENGLISH, and WHY NO PICTURES????  WOULD IT KILL THEM TO AT LEAST GIVE ME A PICTURE OF THE SUBJECT OF THE CASE?  You read cases now without having to stop every three words.  In fact, you read them FAST.  And you’re going to get faster in your reading of them.

Remember the subject that rhymes with “Mon Maw”.  (RIP, Professor Baude.  I remember you Every.  Single.  Day.)  Remember the dread that set in when the case for the next day was a plurality opinion?  Remember when you read the cases that rhyme with “Mamdi” and “Mamdan”?  And you had to make the chart just to keep the names straight?  And then another chart to figure out which Lifesavers Board Member agreed with which and which part of the opinion they agreed with in part or in whole?  Now, pluralities don’t scare you so much, right?  (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t pray for them.  But, and here’s where I can be honest, I no longer skip over reading them simply out of fear.)  You can kind of keep these things straight in your head.

Remember LRW?  And that AWFUL first memo?  Now?  You do it in your sleep.   Your blue book?  Well loved.

You have climbed a mountain.   This is the last push to the summit.  You have it in you.  Look at ALL YOU HAVE DONE.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!  I KNOW YOU!!!!!   THIS IS YOUR EXAM!!!!!!!!!!  Go in there and TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!  I believe in you.  Call me if you get scared and need someone to talk you down.

Love and Belief,


2 thoughts on “AHEM, If you are reading this, you should be in bed.

  1. I’m catching up on your blogs now, since I haven’t been home the last couple of days, being busy with the Lifesavers Exam, but I do have to share. I stopped studying at a semi-reasonable hour on Monday night, but couldn’t get to sleep. So I turned to Bravo and watched the Real Housewives of New York Reunion. And then I spent the parts of the night where I slept, (which were far and few between) dreaming of the Real Housewives screaming at each other about the pleading and practice rules. Which is pretty hilarious now that all is said and done :).

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