We Interrupt This Weekend…

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Gentle Reader,

I’m very sorry to interrupt your weekend of sitting inside, trying not to melt.  But I have an important public service announcement that I just do not feel can wait.  I have been cooking today.  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve really done anything in the kitchen, and cooking kind of sets things right with my soul.  So, since it’s 523 degrees outside, I naturally decided to make soup.

Two soups.

Two vegetable chopping intensive soups.

And when making soups that require tons of chopping, I use my mandolin.  (Boys, go to a cooking website and look it up.)  The mandolin that comes with the handy-dandy “food-gripper” thing that provides a handy barrier between your hand and the (very sharp) exposed blade.  (Boys-helpful analogy.  Think about if you flipped your lawn mower upside down and used that to chop veggies.)

I eschew the handy-dandy “food gripper” thing, because frankly I am neurotic (Was anybody surprised?  Didn’t think so.)  and I HAVE TO SEE MY FOOD AS IT IS UNDERGOING THE PREPARATION PROCESS.  GE?  Thank you for making the oven light.  The “food gripper” thing makes it impossible for me to see the carrots, cabbage, and zucchini as it is being sliced, and OH MY WORD HOW THIS BOTHERS ME.  It bothers me so much that I am willing to risk life and limb (or, just digit) so as not to use the safety feature.  (It’s like “Mythbusters” only WAY less entertaining and in “Mythbusters” when they dismantle the safety features, they stand behind plexiglass.  I think we both know THAT didn’t happen here.)

Two big cuts, some super glue, two bandaids, and two sets of rubber gloves later, I still eschew the handy-dandy “food gripper” thing.  Fortunately, no body parts ended up in the soup.  Yet.

Safety first, my friends, safety first.

Have a great weekend,


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