Uh oh! Where’s Cody????

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Gentle Reader,

Today’s title comes directly from a phrase Cody heard a LOT during his formative years.  It was usually followed by, “CODY!!!!!  NO!!!!!!!!!!!”.

But today, it’s a happy phrase.  First of all, Cody managed to get rid of Scout (The Tormentor) last night.  He’s pretty sure he did a good job of getting rid of her so he think’s it’ll stick.  (Don’t worry.  Scout just got to go to the Ranch Vet’s office to have her front claws removed.  I don’t know how I feel about this, and I don’t want this to become a forum for debate.  A member of our household has extremely thin skin, and so her claws had to come off if she was ever going to become a welcome member of this family.  According to The Ranch Vet, she did great, and since life with two EXTREMELY curious Labradors is not conducive to the healing process, he’s keeping Scout till tomorrow or something like that, and apparently after that, she’ll be good as new, only not as scratchy.)

Also, here at The World’s Smallest Apartment, we have TWO reasons to celebrate.

Number one:

What you are looking at here is what I have loosely termed “my project counter”.  After I moved in (IN APRIL), and got rid of enough stuff to move around, when there was a project that needed doing (something needed glueing, a picture needed hanging, a hole needed patching, gosh I’m destructive…) up on the counter, it went.  And stayed.  And had things perched upon it.

It is now EMPTY!!!!!!!  Pictures are hung, holes patched, glue glued, hallelujah!  There is a lovely candle, that I am going to light tonight, and enjoy the fact that I am now moved in.  (WE WILL PRETEND IT IS APRIL, WE WILL.)  (You will also note the Lifesavers School Composite Photo near the bottom of the photo.  Bottom of the photo, top of my heart, lambs, top of my heart.)

And number two:

That, ladies and gentlemens, is my desk.  A CLEAN DESK.  An ORGANIZED DESK.  You have client files in the thing on the far left, spillover client files in the purple pile, and my inbox (with ROOM FOR MORE “IN”) at the far corner.  Things have been filed, things have been circular filed, things have been hole punched and put in binders (does anybody else use binders to organize things by topic?  Or is this one of my charming and endearing quirks that make me unique?) and I, I AM AT PEACE.  The work of Lifesavers Rabble Rousing can now happen with a Zen Mind.  The sound you hear is the sound of a thousand Wint-O-Greens and Butter Rums cheering.

And so Cody’s post will wait till tomorrow.  Except, we gotta let the boy have ONE…

This was taken shortly after Scout (The Tormentor) left to go have her procedure.  This, believe it or not, is Cody doing “relaxed”.  The Boy is ALWAYS awake/alert/doing something/thinking about something/confused about something.  I don’t know when he turns his brain “off”.  Perhaps it’s better that he doesn’t, because I’m not sure it’d get back going again if he did.  This also kind of demonstrates a Cody phenomenon that is difficult to photograph.  He’s a “folder”.  When he does rest, he prefers to squish himself up into as small as space as he can, folding his legs end over end, and in several different directions at once.  (For contrast, Cooper prefers to take up the maximum amount of space possible, at all times.)

Happy Friday, Peeps,


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