So, how bad ARE the winters in Siberia, anyway?

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Gentle Reader,

I am blogging to you live, from the SURFACE OF THE SUN.  Otherwise known as East Dallas.  It’s truly sensational, how hot it is here.  And apparently, swimsuits are NOT considered appropriate attire for Lifesavers Rabble Rousers.  Even tailored ones from Talbot’s.  WHO KNEW?

And, so the lovely curtains installed in The World’s Smallest Apartment by my good friend P,

remain closed.  (But they look FANTASTIC, P…)  To keep out ALL THE HEAT.

The daily routine consists of me leaving the World’s Smallest Apartment as early as possible, doing everything that involves being outside of the apartment as early as possible, stopping for a diet cherry limeade at every single Sonic that is on the right side of the road (don’t even think that I don’t plan my route to maximize this occurrence), coming home, and staying perfectly still.  Under the ceiling fan.  To avoid adding to the heat.  Cooper has stopped his evening game of “tug and snarl”, and even though we have communication issues, I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s too busy sprawled out on the tile floor of the hallway of the World’s Smallest Apartment, trying to cool himself off.  It can’t be easy, being essentially an 80-pound fur coat in ALL THE HEAT.

So aside from whining for 208 words, my point in this post is to remind all of my Lifesavers School friends that are getting ready to take the Lifesavers Exam to KEEP GOING!!!!!!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!  I know it’s tiring, I know you don’t think your brain can hold anything else.  But KEEP GOING!!!!!!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!  This exam is at least 30% survival, so, remain able to take in oxygen and nutrition by yourself, and you are 30% THERE!  And call me if you need me.  XO, guys.

Good night,


(Who may or may not be investigating the possibility of moving to Siberia to escape ALL THE HEAT.)

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