Chillin’ With Apple TV

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Gentle Reader,

I had grand ideas about posting a concoction today involving bacon and white beans, but I spent most of today just getting STUFF done around The World’s Smallest Apartment (side note…the Swiffer Wet Mop thingeys in lavender and vanilla?  Lovely.  Just lovely.  Not overpowering at all.) and so now, I’m curled up with the Apple equivalent of Tivo.  (I’m nothing if not totally brand loyal to Mr. Steve Jobs.  He needs the money, obvs.)  Concoction didn’t happen.  So I’m catching up on “Glee”.  Thoughts:

1.  Can’t we get rid of the Gwenyth Paltrow character?  (This should tell you just how far behind I am.)  She.  Adds.  Nothing.

2.  That kiddo?  Sunshine?  Rainbow?  See above.  That rhinestone microphone makes me cringe.  And how many teeth does she have?  Did she have some imported from another small-time singer with one name?

3.  Emma?  Is that her name?  We need her on the show more.

Also, one of my projects for today was unpacking a new set of Lifesavers Rabble Rousers Practice Manuals.  A lot of them.   And I am officially out of all of bookshelf room.  Do any of my loyal readers have any temporary bookshelf solutions?  (Side note-Tina’s dress when she was singing at the benefit?  LOVE.  Edgy, structured, yet unstructured, and black taffeta is an underutilized fabric.)

(Also-I’m totally going to de-age a few decades overnight, and then be the one to totally convert Blaine.  My crush on him is totally NOT creepy.  Because he’s fictional, see?)

And now, we get more Gwenyth (sp?) singing.  UGH.  I’m going to go see if I can’t get books to levitate.  Better use of my time.



PS-Photo?  Okay.

The Sir, who is remarkably ambivalent to the terpsichorean stylings of Miss Paltrow

7 thoughts on “Chillin’ With Apple TV

  1. So, I don’t know if you’re a Buffy fan, but Glee apparently hired Marti Noxon, (super awesome writer) for next year. Which thrills me, because while I love parts of the show, I’ve found the writing to be wildly inconsistent. And it has occurred to me that they absolutely must remake “At This Moment” by Billy Vera for the show. Preferably with Darren Criss singing lead, although Puck or Artie might be able to handle it as well. Hope you’ve recovered from the weekend :).

    • Seriously, you have no idea. Post coming.

      Keep going! The Lifesavers Rabble Rousers exam is just around the corner, and YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

      PS-I am so ancient, what is “At this moment”? I’ll look it up. I really want a repeat of the “Total Eclipse of the Heart” because that song is greatness, totally, and can never be overdone. Particularly on a show like, Glee. And you are TOTALLY right about the writing. I never got into the Buffy, but I welcome solid writing.
      PPS-And I really, REALLY want more Artie. (Not in a weird way.) I think his character is given terribly little to do, and his (and TIna’s and Santana and Brittany’s) character is actually pretty nuanced, and it’d be nice to do more.

      • I bet it’s one of those songs that you know, but you don’t know you know it.

        PS–Let’s not talk about the LIfesavers Rabble Rousers exam. I’m starting to wonder why I didn’t just get a job pouring at a winery when I lived in California and could have still done it.

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