A Shorter One This Time

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Gentle Reader,

I’m pretty sure you are still processing the “wealth” of “information” contained in the last post.  So tonight, a list.

1.  I’m beat.  Exhausted.  Three BRB missions in one day?  TOO MANY.

2.  After TOO MANY missions, I got to come home to my night job, which is referee-ing the 160 pounds of Labrador that currently reside in The World’s Smallest Apartment.  Tonight, The Boys were feeling feisty, and played several rounds of “snarl” and “disturb the neighbors” and “ear biting”.  The Boys have incredibly soft ears.  We LOVE their ears.  (Until you have kissed the sweetness that is a Labrador ear, you can’t judge me.)  We rub them, they love it.  We kiss them, they tolerate it.  But whenever they are roughhousing, they always go for each other’s ears.  And for a period of about seven months there between 6 months old and a year, those ears were the ONLY thing keeping them around.  (Because it was very hard to convince the circus to take two Labradors who didn’t really have an act, and barring that, it was difficult to not love something that looked so sweet and knew to rub up against your kneecaps with those soft ears.)  So we have always tried to protect their ears, really FOR them, in case they ever need them to fall back on again.  Kind of like how Lloyd’s of London insures people’s body parts?  I don’t think The Boys are insurable.  They drink out of the toilet and eat drywall.

3.  I don’t mean to be all secretive, but the privacy of my loved ones trumps this blog any day.  But there’s Something Kinda Big That Might Turn Out To Be Nothing Big At All happening with one of my very closest.  I don’t know what your faith is, or even if you have faith.  I love you and like you either way.  But if you do feel so inclined, I believe that God (or whatever you call The Divine) knows the contents of all hearts and from whom nothing is hid.  Would you mind thinking something nice, or saying a prayer or lighting a candle, or hugging one of your beloveds extra tight tonight in honor of what is in my heart right now?  I know we’d appreciate it a lot.  And I promise to keep you updated as much as I feel I can.

4.  (I really don’t have a fourth, but nobody likes to end on an awkward note, do they?)  It looks like “Scout” shall be the name of the Ranch Cat.  (Once she was a girl, or at least once we knew she was a girl, “Finch” was out.)  And now with those two names, the source of the name of the cat should be apparent to everybody who ever took high school english.

And now, risking Andy’s disbelief, I’m signing off.



PS-Photo is just not going to happen tonight.  Call me a blog rebel.

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